Hello, My Name is Bob.

Hello, My Name is Bob.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Kindy Mccullough


  1. Be Not Afraid
    08 Mar, 2017
    Be Not Afraid
    Sometimes, in arrogance, I sit in church thinking I already know what the Pastor's teaching. My heart is either hard or I am distracted. Other times, the Lord speaks to me for weeks about a certain area of my life and then the weekly message affirms His word. This last Sunday, at Destiny Church in Daphne, Alabama, the Pastor's message really hit home. His message was titled "NO FEAR". As I took a shallow look at my life, I conceded to possessing some fear. As I went deeper, I discovered that I
  2. Marlie's Fun Memory
    07 Mar, 2017
    Marlie's Fun Memory
    This RV trip is going super good! I went to a place that was a arcade!* I had so much fun there it was like a world just for kids! I got some awesome stuff with my tickets. I got a ring with a bear on it, disappearing ink, and a fan. I had the best time though. There food was yummy too! *Fudpucker's- Walton Beach, FL.
  3. Who am I?
    16 Feb, 2017
    Who am I?
    Lately, I have lost myself. My identity has been misplaced. What if the things i thought were important, don't matter at all.  For years, my identity has been defined by roof and walls. I have felt judged by people based on my house. We have owned luxury houses and modest homes. I like it best when people are impressed with my house because I feel they are impressed with me. If my house is unimpressive, I feel embarrassed and insecure. The irony is, we are currently living in a fifth wheel
  4. Justus' Words
    10 Feb, 2017
    Justus' Words
    Family time is the best! Family time is a great time to bond together and have fun. I can go anywhere with my family. They are all so special. I loved Disneyland and my favorite ride was Space Mountain. I also liked Thunder Mountain Railroad. Overall, my favorite time though was at Quartzite rock show in Arizona.
  5. Through Marlie's Eyes
    03 Feb, 2017
    Through Marlie's Eyes
    My experience in the RV is going great! I love helping with breakfast a lot and having more time with my family. So far, I love playing with my siblings. I think doing this trip is a great opportunity to bond with each other and learn more about each other.
  6. God's Gold
    30 Jan, 2017
    God's Gold
    Often I fall into an uninspired and labored routine. In my overwhelm, I pray to merely make it through the day in a fairly decent mood. I am a creature of habit. For years, I have risen early from bed in the same way, doing the same things. Days meld into weeks and the variety and expectancy seem nonexistent. Yesterday, in Black Canyon City, Arizona, I met a gold prospector. In the midst of cleaning and organizing his buckets, Ryan and I struck up a conversation. We both noticed the fire in his
  7. I am a DO-ER!
    23 Jan, 2017
    I am a DO-ER!
    I am a Do-er! I'm a "tasks over relationship" kind of girl. It is a little embarrassing to admit, because God created us to be first and foremost relational. But yet, I find myself measuring my success by how much I accomplish instead of investment into relationships. I have always closely associated with Martha, rarely Mary. Oftentimes my children will catch me in the middle of some task and stare at me with searching eyes. They want to present a project they've made, play with me or tell me
  8. Eleven More Days
    03 Jan, 2017
    Eleven More Days
    I've never thought of myself as wishy-washy. Since we have decided to take this journey, I have experienced more than my share of wishy-washy moments...and hours...and days. It has all revolved around our sweet and lovely house. Originally, we agreed to keep the house and generate income from short-term rentals. We thought that would offset the mortgage and upkeep expenses. Then we weighed the stresses of having our minds in two places at once and agreed to sell. I was then burdened by the
  9. Pack Animals
    27 Dec, 2016
    Pack Animals
    Buckle down. Focus. We. Must. Pack. For the last several weeks, in a very cavalier tone, Ryan and I have told everyone we are hitting the road on January 1. Yet, we had no precise plan or detailed strategy for pulling everything together so quickly. There were intermediate hurdles that had to be cleared before we could wholeheartedly focus on the packing stage. Aka: selecting and purchasing a trailer, garage sale... Christmas.  Nothing remains that hinders forward movement. It helps knowing